Real Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

The moment an arrest happens, your life is bound to change, and you need the experienced drug crime lawyers of Traback & Du Bois to protect you. Our team of Pleasanton and Oakland attorneys includes a former prosecutor, which gives our law firm a distinct ability to anticipate the arguments that will be made against you.

We thoroughly prepare for every case and will provide you with options that are geared toward dropped charges, reduced charges, reduced sentences or the use of alternative programs that can keep you out of jail.

If you have been approached by law enforcement for investigation, have been questioned, had your property searched or seized, or have been charged with a drug offense, contact our firm as soon as possible: 510-835-8005.

Our Defense Lawyers Handle Drug Trafficking And Possession Across California

Federal and state laws regulate how drug crimes are prosecuted. Federal convictions typically involve issues of drug trafficking and activity between borders, whereas state convictions are more likely to involve issues of possession.

Our firm is equipped to handle misdemeanor and felony cases in state and federal courts such as:

Every case arises out of different circumstances. Is this your first drug offense? Do you have prior convictions? Were you on probation? Why did the police pull you over and search your vehicle?

Crucial details like these can influence what legal strategies are most likely to be effective in your case. Sometimes aggressive protection of your rights in the courtroom is necessary. Sometimes reducing a charge and pursuing expungement (sealing of a criminal record) is ideal. Every recommendation we make will be based on your specific case, with your specific goals in mind.

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To schedule a free initial consultation with Traback & Du Bois, contact our firm online or by telephone at 510-835-8005 (alternate number: 925-463-3311). We are here to defend you.

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