Possession For Sale

Drug possession charges are sometimes accompanied by a charge of possession with the intent to sell. These arise when the alleged offender is suspected to have intended to sell or distribute a controlled substance (either an illicit drug or a prescription medication) to a third party.

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At Traback & Du Bois, our Oakland possession for sale defense lawyers protect individuals from these serious criminal charges throughout Northern California.

Our experience includes decades in many facets of the criminal justice system, including time as former prosecutors. Our dual-sided understanding of the law helps us anticipate and strategize against the assertions that law enforcement and prosecutors make toward our clients.

Possession With Intent To Sell In Pleasanton And Northern California

Drug charges are not just black and white cases. There is significant grey area and many factors come into play when prosecutors determine what drug charge to bring against an individual. These factors include:

  • The volume of drugs found in the individual's possession
  • The type of illegal substance
  • Whether or not the alleged offender solicited to minors or adults
  • The individual's criminal history and whether that involves being charged or convicted of a prior drug offense

Whether negotiating to reduce your sentence or relentlessly challenging the charges made against you in court, our firm has the knowledge and skill to achieve the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

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