Possession Of Controlled Substances

Perhaps the most common charge we see individuals facing is possession. This charge, while not as serious as other issues (i.e., possession with intent to sell or drug distribution), still carries significant consequences if an individual is convicted.

At Traback & Du Bois, our attorneys work with individuals who have been charged with possession of a controlled substance in Oakland, Pleasanton and surrounding areas of Northern California.

Our firm's success in having charges dropped or reduced for our clients is founded in our ability to challenge the accusations and evidence that law enforcement and prosecutors have brought against them. Issues of illegal search and seizure, entrapment or misidentification of the drug owner may be valuable angles to take in your case.

We will relentlessly defend you and protect your rights through every stage of the legal process so you can overcome the charges you face and move on with your life.

Defending Against Possession And Felony Drug Charges In Pleasanton

Possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or other illicit drugs as well as prescription medication may result in a criminal charge against you. Possession in the legal realm can mean many things:

  • Actual possession: An individual may be charged with possession if he or she is physically carrying the illegal substance on his or her person (i.e., in a pocket).
  • Constructive possession: If a person has access or control over the place where the drugs were found, he or she may be charged with possession. This includes places like your car, in your locker or your home.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia: The possession of materials associated with drug use may also be grounds for a criminal charge. For example, if you are carrying or have access to syringes, scales, baggies, pipes or other items intended for drug use or distribution, you may end up arrested and charged with a crime.

Even the amount of drugs found in your possession may cause the charges against you to accumulate. You may end up charged with a charge of possession for sale. if you were found to have an amount that goes beyond what the law would consider for personal use only.

We are here to uncover any key facts that can contribute to your defense and help you overcome the challenges you face. Do not hesitate to contact our office as soon as possible.


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