Internet Crimes

Alameda County and Contra Costa County

Increasingly, people are being arrested for computer crimes, such as child solicitation, child pornography possession, Internet fraud, and other charges. People accused of such crimes need experienced lawyers who will work aggressively to either minimize punishments or get charges dropped entirely.

The criminal defense attorneys of Traback & Du Bois are among the most experienced and well respected in the Contra Costa County area judicial systems. They offer free, fully confidential initial consultations to anyone charged with a so-called "cybercrime" in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, or elsewhere in the Bay Area.

Our lawyers' California Internet crime charges defense practice is wide ranging, encompassing:

  • Child solicitation, chat rooms
  • Child pornography possession
  • Internet fraud
  • Cyberstalking
  • Production, manufacture, or distribution of child porn

The best legal defense for any criminal charge requires extensive investigation. At Traback & Du Bois , we work hard on every case to look for ways to get reduced punishment or acquittals. For example, our lawyers have extensive experience with illegal search and seizure, and will determine whether your privacy rights may have been violated.

The California Internet crime charges defense attorneys of our firm each have more than 30 years of experience helping people charged of all kinds of crimes in the Bay Area. In that time, they have handled thousands of cases and hundreds of trials. They can work aggressively toward an acquittal, a plea bargain, or a trial, depending on what approach is the best for the client.

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