Highly Skilled Defense In Sex Crime Cases

Individuals convicted of sex offenses often face many barriers to living a normal life. At Traback & Du Bois, our Pleasanton and Oakland sex crime lawyers represent individuals throughout Northern California, providing decades of experience and skill in even the toughest cases.

Our firm's success is founded on our understanding of strategy in legal representation. We never go into the courtroom blindly, but rather, we thoroughly analyze the various avenues we could take to find the one best suited to achieving a favorable result.

Whether you need a skillful negotiator who can help reduce charges and sentences or someone who will defend you relentlessly in the courtroom, we can help. We handle the following issues, among others:

Challenging The Evidence Against You

Your life is bound to be affected by the criminal charge against you, but you don't have to simply stand by and let it happen.

Many sexual assault cases are founded on questions of consent or physical evidence. To gather this evidence, law enforcement and investigators must follow strict procedures to assure that it is done correctly. Our firm draws on resources and expert witness testimony to challenge the validity of evidence against you.

If the evidence against you is too strong to challenge in such a manner, we may use strategies designed to reduce the charges against you or seek expungement to seal your criminal record. We will do all we can to protect you from the long-term consequences of a criminal record and help you move beyond criminal proceedings as quickly as possible.

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