Child Molestation

Simply being charged with a sex crime is frightening enough, but the consequences are magnified if you are convicted of a sex offense — particularly if that offense involves crimes against children.

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Pleasanton Lawyers Handling Sex Crime Defense And Child Sexual Assault

Child molestation charges can vary greatly depending on the type of sexual contact that the alleged sex offender had with the child. This may include sexual intercourse as well as fondling, inappropriate touching, indecent exposure of genitals to a child, showing a child sexually explicit materials or forcing a child to participate in sexual activity (i.e., for the purpose of child pornography).

Penalties for these crimes are determined with consideration for the nature of the offense, as well as the existence of any prior conviction. Being charged alone will likely create a stigma that will affect the individual's reputation, and personal and professional relationships. A conviction will likely result in penalties like incarceration, fines and registration as a sex offender.

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