Internet Sex Crimes

Sex crimes that occur via the Internet have increased dramatically over the years. Unfortunately, the individuals prosecuted with these crimes may find that their computer holds information or was used to transmit media that they did not intend to share or did not know was illegal.

At Traback & Du Bois, we are here to provide alleged sex offenders with skillful, straightforward representation as Oakland Internet sex crime defense lawyers.

Our team has worked in criminal defense for decades, and each attorney at our firm has experience as a former prosecutor. This depth of understanding of the criminal justice system helps us anticipate and address important issues before we even enter the courtroom. Our legal strategies are based upon what is right for each individual client, as we never take a catch-all approach to law.

If you have been investigated, questioned, arrested or charged with an Internet sex crime, you need to seek representation immediately. We can help.

Child Pornography And Solicitation Charges In Pleasanton And Northern California

Not all Internet sex crimes result in physical contact. Even the attempt to connect with a minor for sexual activity can cause an individual to face serious criminal charges.

Our firm handles a wide range of accusations, including:

  • The possession and/or distribution of child pornography
  • The production of child pornography
  • Possession of obscene or lewd material
  • Solicitation for sexual contact with a minor (i.e., inappropriate communication, agreeing to meet with sexual intent)
  • Disseminating lewd or sexual content to a minor

Being accused does not mean you are guilty. Prosecution must be able to prove that the accused violated a specific law or was clearly involved in the criminal activity. Our firm knows how to challenge the accusations made and bring to light issues of mistaken identity, illegally obtained evidence, illegal search and seizure, and entrapment.

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