Domestic Violence

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In California's Contra Costa County, the heightened awareness of domestic violence has increased the number of people charged with domestic violence crimes such as spousal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, and sexual assault. At Traback & Du Bois we have also seen an increase of false allegations in cases involving domestic violence.

We have offices located in Oakland and Pleasanton to make quality criminal defense conveniently accessible to clients charged with domestic violence throughout Contra Costa County and Alameda County. Contact our Bay Area domestic violence defense lawyers to set up a free initial consultation.

An Experienced Lawyer is Vital

Recent changes in California state laws that were designed to protect victims often have negative consequences for people falsely accused in domestic violence cases. Even when spousal abuse, child abuse, and elder abuse charges are false, prosecuting attorneys take them seriously. A felony domestic violence conviction could result in two or more years in state prison and a misdemeanor conviction could result in a yearlong sentence in the county jail.

If you are facing a criminal charge involving domestic violence, you need an experienced Contra Costa County domestic violence attorney to protect your legal rights. The attorneys at Traback & Du Bois have 30-year records of successfully handling domestic violence cases. They have had thousands of cases and hundreds of trials in the Contra Costa County criminal defense system.

Each of our lawyers can help you dissolve restraining orders, reunite families, and defend any charges, from assault and battery or child endangerment to stalking or harassment. We understand the devastation of domestic violence allegations, and fight hard to get the courts to dismiss charges or negotiate towards reduced punishments.

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If you have been accused of or charged with domestic violence, including spousal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, or a related offense, please contact the attorneys of Traback & Du Bois for a free initial consultation. Let the skill, experience, and reputation of our Contra Costa County domestic violence lawyers work for you. Call our Oakland office at 510-835-8005 or our Pleasanton office at 925-463-3311.