Defending Kidnapping Charges Requires Experienced Lawyers

If you have been questioned about or charged with kidnapping, before you say another word about the circumstances, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney who has the experience and compassion to protect your rights. Call the Traback & Du Bois law firm in Oakland or Pleasanton, California.

California Attorneys Defending Kidnapping Charges
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Taking and confining someone against his or her will is considered kidnapping. When a non-custodial parent takes children without authorization, that is considered kidnapping. If you have been charged with kidnapping, discuss the circumstances with a lawyer you can trust.

  • The circumstances of every case are unique to that situation. If you have been accused of kidnapping, your first step should be to get an experienced lawyer on your side. The attorneys at our law firm can explain the charges against you. You can talk to your lawyer about what happened with full confidence that your words will not be repeated.
  • Your side of the kidnapping needs to be told. What happened? Why? Our law firm will investigate the charges closely to determine if the evidence is there.
  • The more your attorney knows, the better we can prepare your defense. A kidnapping charge can mean years in prison (depending on what happened) and a three strikes charge against you.

If you are seeking a criminal law attorney who understands the kidnapping laws, knows how to fight hard for you and cares about you and your future, contact Traback & Du Bois now. We are ready to discuss your case and prepare your defense.