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Potentially dire aftermath of a drunk driving conviction

Most Californians and other Americans across the country likely think a bit similarly when they dwell on the potential repercussions of a drunk driving conviction.

There is of course, and at the very outset, a financial consideration. A DUI arrest and conviction costs money, and often a lot of it.

Then, too, there is an expenditure of time, which a valuable commodity to many people. There is time tied up at the initial stop, at the jail house, at one or more hearings, in court and elsewhere.

Ominously, that "elsewhere" might be a jail, given that some people do in fact lose their freedom following a criminal conviction on a drunk driving charge.

An article recently written by an employment attorney notes one other obvious realm where a DUI conviction can wreak havoc, namely, at the workplace.

Indeed, and sadly, some people do lose their jobs as a result of a drunk driving arrest. The reasons for that can be many, and potentially result from one or more of the following:

  • Suspended license, which can make consistent commuting to and from work problematic or flatly prohibitive
  • Mandatory termination, with some companies simply having a firing policy following conviction on any criminal charge
  • Irregular work attendance that an employer will not tolerate, including court hearings, jail time, alcohol counseling and participation in a diversion program
  • Loss of insurance that no longer enables an employee to drive a company vehicle as required

There is no question that the adverse consequences resulting from a DUI can be multiple and severe.

As the above-cited employment law commentator notes, any person arrested for drunk driving should “contact a criminal defense attorney right away.”

Source: AOL Jobs, "9 ways a DUI will destroy your career," Donna Ballman, Jan. 21, 2014

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