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Man charged for drug possession after traffic stop

A California man received several charges after police stopped him in Riverside on July 17. The 28-year-old man was allegedly driving 17 miles over the speed limit when he was stopped near the intersection of Ogden Avenue and Harlem Avenue. After pulling the man over, police approached his car and reported smelling burnt marijuana.

When police questioned him, the accused driver denied being in possession of marijuana or any weapons. He did, however, admit to smoking a marijuana-laced cigar when police told him they could detect a smell. A search of the man's vehicle allegedly uncovered multiple bags of marijuana as well as a loaded 9mm Charles Daly semiautomatic pistol that the man did not have a license to carry.

Some of the baggies of marijuana that police found were located inside of the car, and some were near the car on the street. According to police, the man likely dropped the bags outside in an attempt to avoid drug charges. The man and a passenger in his vehicle were both taken into police custody. The passenger was eventually released, and the driver was charged with possession of marijuana, felony unlawful use of a weapon and various traffic violations.

A criminal law attorney may be able to help an individual in facing drug and weapons charges. A lawyer may begin by examining the details of the search that was conducted to uncover any potential evidence. Because police must follow certain protocols during a search to stay within the law, one mistake could result in the search being deemed illegal. When this is the case, evidence found during the illegal search may be discarded and some charges could be dropped.

Source: My Suburban Life, "California man charged with drug possession, possession of weapon", July 30, 2014

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