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Motorcycle club members indicted on drug distribution charges

Oakland residents may be interested in a story of six men who have been indicted on serious drug charges near Sacramento. The charges stem from a federal undercover investigation that allegedly found evidence of drug distribution in a motorcycle club.

The Vagos motorcycle club is an organization consisting of several chapters over multiple states, with around 600 reported members. In March 2013, federal authorities claim that they began using undercover agents, in connection with criminal informants, to purchase methamphetamine from members of the Vagos in the Sacramento area. According to affidavits from the FBI, the club was difficult to penetrate due to a long initiation process and the close ties between members, stemming back to childhood friendships in many cases. One alleged insider agent, reports indicate, did so as part of a deal that led to a reduced sentence for them on a separate charge unrelated to the federal investigation.

On Aug. 8, six members allegedly affiliated with the Vagos motorcycle club were indicted on charges related to the sale of methamphetamine. These include a Rio Linda man and two Sacramento men who are charged with distribution and the intent to distribute. Three others are charged with distribution of methamphetamine. Two of those men have allegedly fled and remain at large.

Drug charges related to possession with intent to sell or drug distribution can be difficult to defend against without proper legal representation. An attorney who has experience with the criminal defense process may be helpful during the entire process, from ensuring that a person's constitutional rights are protected to assisting with negotiations in the plea bargaining process. The attorney may be able to get charges reduced or dropped or successfully defend against them at trial.

Source: KCRA, "3 Sacramento-area motorcycle gangs face drug charges", August 08, 2014

Source: KCRA, "3 Sacramento-area motorcycle gangs face drug charges", August 08, 2014

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