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Nearly $5 million in drugs allegedly seized in California bust

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement indicates that seven individuals originally from Mexico have been detained in connection with a major Riverside drug seizure. The Sept. 26 bust allegedly involved crystal methamphetamine, marijuana and other chemicals. The alleged drug lab was located in a home, and another home in the same area was identified as housing a marijuana growing operation.

Of the men held in the case, six are facing drug charges. Another man was detained in connection with an investigation into a murder in the Sacramento area. Authorities indicate that search warrants were executed at several residences in Riverside. One of the locations resulted in officials reportedly confiscating approximately 40 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and 40 gallons of liquid methamphetamine. It is estimated that the liquid material could have produced up to 250 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, a substance with a street value of approximately $1,000 per ounce. Additional equipment was allegedly located and seized in connection with the manufacture of the substance.

At another residence, processed marijuana with a street value of approximately $1 million was supposedly located. Authorities also claim to have found 300 marijuana plants as well as firearms and cash. Authorities believe that the methamphetamine came from Mexico, having been smuggled into California in its liquid form. While these men face serious allegations, the investigation has not yet concluded.

An individual detained in connection with a large-scale drug investigation could face significant penalties because of the quantity of controlled substances believed to be involved. In mounting a criminal defense, it might be important to work with a lawyer who is able to evaluate the evidence in order to form an appropriate defense strategy. In a case involving compelling evidence, a lawyer might recommend seeking a plea deal to limit prison time and fines.

Source: CBS Los Angeles , "Investigators Seize Nearly $5 Million Worth Of Chemicals, Drugs From Riverside Drug Lab", September 26, 2014

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