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Muslim temple raided by law enforcement

As a result of a continuing investigation, a Muslim temple in California was raided on Oct. 21. Local, state and federal authorities contributed to the early-morning raid that occurred on 27th Street's 800 block in Oakland. The State Department of Consumer Affairs and the Alameda County District Attorney's Office claim that the location has been under investigation for at least six months.

Local reports claim that police issued dozens of felony warrants for several people allegedly connected to the temple. According to law enforcement, the search and seizure warrants were executed for people suspected of using fraudulent credentials to obtain government security contracts.

The temple was purportedly a spinoff of a Muslim bakery that declared bankruptcy in 2006, after the owner died in 2003. The bakery originally opened in 1968, but was accused of being complicit in murder, welfare fraud, intimidation, sexual and physical abuse.

According to local reports, outside of Oakland, several other warrants were served as a part of the investigation as well. A police spokesperson reported that the Oakland police tactical team assisted the Alameda County District Attorney's Inspector's Office with executing the warrant, but that the primary objective was searching for evidentiary information relevant to the active investigation. Anyone arrested or facing allegations as a result of this investigation may benefit from confiding in legal counsel for advice.

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Source: abc 7 News, "Multiple agencies raid black muslim temple in Oakland", Nick Smith, October 21, 2014

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