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NHL player Slava Voynov charged with domestic violence

A player for the California hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings, is facing criminal charges after a domestic violence incident involving his wife. On Nov. 20, hockey player Slava Voynov was officially charged for one felony count of corporal injury to spouse with great bodily injury.

If he is convicted of the felony count, the 24-year-old NHL player could face a maximum prison sentence of nine years along with possible deportation. Voynov was initially taken into police custody following an incident of suspected domestic violence that occurred on Oct. 20. While Voynov and his wife were arguing, Voynov's wife reportedly suffered injuries to her neck, cheek and eyebrow.

Following the domestic violence allegations, the NHL suspended Voynov indefinitely. As of Nov. 20, Voynov had missed 13 hockey games as a result of the suspension. The NHL has publically stated that Voynov's suspension will remain in place pending their review of further evidence in his case. The Kings released their own statement saying that they supported the NHL's decision to indefinitely suspend Voynov, and they planned to closely monitor the case. Voynov's arraignment has been scheduled to take place on Dec. 1.

A person who is facing domestic violence charges might be at risk for losing their career and reputation. When faced with these serious allegations, a defendant might want to consult a criminal defense attorney about the best way to proceed. In some cases, a criminal defense attorney might provide assistance by challenging witness accounts and police reports of the incident in court.

Source: NBS Sports, "BREAKING: Voynov charged with felony for domestic violence", Mike Halford, November 20, 2014

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