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1 man escapes arrest when CHP detain 5 in Lexus carjacking

A lengthy chase ensued after six young people allegedly stole a 2015 Lexus sedan in downtown Oakland, California. The California Highway Patrol began pursuing it after the vehicle's satellite radio signaled law enforcement.

A CHP officer said that the highway patrol chased the Lexus west on Highway 24 in Concord. The Lexus continued through the Caldecott Tunnel and switched onto Highway 13 and drove south. Damage to the vehicle's left front tire from hitting a center divider began to slow it. Law enforcement pursuit continued throughout surface streets in Oakland until the damaged tire shredded and halted the Lexus.

A male passenger in the front seat escaped. The driver attempted to run away too, but the CHP officer said he was caught. He was 18 years old. He was arrested and given a felony charge for evading police. In the backseat, three boys and one girl described as juveniles were detained by the highway patrol.

In situations similar to this involving a stolen vehicle and police chase, serious charges are possible. When young people are accused of crimes, their freedom and their future prospects for employment could be in jeopardy. A person, juvenile or otherwise, has a right to an attorney when arrested or charged. An attorney could possibly help create a defense. Negotiations with a prosecutor by a defense attorney might result in reduced charges. An attorney might also advocate for a lenient sentence depending on the situation. If evidence against the person is possibly open to challenge because of an unlawful police search, then charges might be dropped altogether if an attorney presses the issue with the prosecutor.

Source: SF Gate, "5 held after CHP chases jacked Lexus to East Oakland," March 11, 2015

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