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Students charged with allegedly dealing drugs at school

According to law enforcement authorities, two 18-year-old California men were taken into custody on June 17 for allegedly running a drug sales ring at Shadow Hills High School in Indio. Reportedly, the charges occurred after investigators with the Coachella County Narcotics Task Force served warrants on three homes.

Authorities allege that the search of the two men's homes led to the discovery of 16 grams of cocaine, 24 capsules of MDMA, also known as Molly, as well as six grams of MDMA in powder form. A search of a third student's home reportedly led to the discover of in excess of 25 grams of cocaine. The third student is reportedly a minor.

The warrants and charges reportedly came on the heels of an investigation into the alleged drug operation. Bond was set in the amounts of $60,000 for one and $30,000 for the other. They were apparently able to post bond, as they are currently free on it. There is no word on whether the minor is in the custody of juvenile authorities or not.

In this case, it is possible the young students could argue the seizure of suspected drugs was problematic due to a misidentification of the owner. The specific type of defense a criminal defense attorney might assert will depend on the individual facts of the case, however. Felony drug charges are extremely serious, possibly exposing a convicted person to a lengthy term of imprisonment. In addition, there are often post-conviction collateral consequences, such as problems with finding a job, difficulty getting approved for housing or being denied for educational loans. For those reasons, many people who have been charged with a drug crime seek the help of a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Palm Desert Patch, "Pair charged with selling drugs at high school in Indio," Alexander Nguyen, June 17, 2015

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