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Planning to sell or purchase a firearm in California?

It's difficult to have a conversation about firearms in America without prompting contention. Many people in California agree with millions of others in the nation who strongly support their right to bear arms as protected under the Second Amendment in the Constitution. Although there are those who espouse views that claim gun ownership and gun violence are closely linked, others understand that most gun-owning individuals adhere to state and federal regulations regarding such matters and buy, sell, possess and use firearms without ever encountering trouble with the law.

To avoid such problems, however, it is typically best to do a lot of research before engaging in any activities that have to do with firearms. Failing to do so often leads to all sorts of complications; in fact, you could wind up facing weapons violations charges when you least expect it.

Facts regarding the sale and purchase of firearms in this state

Suppose you want to sell your Winchester pump action shotgun or the Remington pistol you've been hoping to make a little money on so you can purchase an upgrade. Keeping the following facts in mind regarding state gun regulations may help you avoid facing any gun-related charges:

  • State law prohibits you from selling a gun to another person unless you work the transaction through a California licensed firearms dealer.
  • Certain antique guns are exempt from the requirement.
  • A licensed firearms dealer may charge processing, transfer and service fees for conducting private transactions.
  • You typically can't purchase more than one handgun within 30 days.
  • You may transfer most firearms (special requirements apply for handguns) to your spouse without a licensed dealer's assistance.
  • No one under age 18 may purchase a rifle or shotgun.

There are other important laws and regulations pertaining to possession, purchase and selling of firearms. Whether you're an avid hunter whose hobby and passion includes collecting various types of guns or you own firearms to protect yourself and your family, violation of any gun law can lead criminal charges and severe penalties under conviction. In fact, there are some people who are not allowed to own (or even be in possession of) a firearm; therefore, it's usually best to seek clarification of any prohibitive law that may affect you.

If you're facing charges for a gun-related crime and need help building a strong defense, you can adopt a similar strategy as many others who chose to rely on experienced criminal defense assistance. Allowing an attorney to act on your behalf in court generally increases your chances of avoiding conviction and obtaining a positive outcome.

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